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We provide highly trained medical administrative and specialized virtual assistants offering you a wide range of services to help you succeed.

Why use a Medica Virtual Assistant?

Call Your MVA has an executive level team of healthcare virtual assistants that are ready to help transform the way that you do business! We provide highly trained administrative and specialized virtual assistants offering you a wide range of services to help you succeed.

As the healthcare industry continues to embrace the benefits of going digital, more healthcare practices are also starting to recognize the value of having a Medical Virtual Assistant (MVA). But what actually is a virtual assistant for healthcare? What can they do to improve your practice?

For starters hiring a Medical Virtual Assistant can lessen the load of your support staff, increase patient satisfaction, and create a happier, more efficient office environment with the help of our experienced professionals.

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Do you find yourself drowning in a sea of paperwork?

We at Call Your Medical Virtual Admin understand that clinicians have a lot to handle when it comes to their practice. That is why we are here to help you ensure patient safety by focusing on providing care during clinic hours. Our services are designed to streamline your work processes by minimizing non-clinical tasks in a completely HIPAA compliant virtual office environment. Our virtual assistants will dramatically reduce the demands in your personal and professional life so that you can focus on patient care.

We understand that every client has a unique situation, which is why we can always develop a customized plan and package that will best fit your practice. Whether you are a solo practitioner or working with a group of medical professionals, we have the right solutions for you. For reliable and efficient clinical, clerical and personal support for you and your office, choose Call Your Admin and take control of your medical private practice today! Schedule a fitting call today! 

The Services We Provide

We handle tasks such as answering patient inquiries, scheduling appointments, administrative coordination, colleague affiliations, and more. With the help of our team, you’ll never miss an important message again.

We handle outbound customer care calls including calling patients to confirm their appointments. We also handle outgoing calls to confirm your appointments, such as speaking engagements and other professional activities.

Our Medical Virtual Assistants manage your personal and professional calendar to make sure you are up-to- date with appointments and engagements as needed and when needed.

We can maintain your clinic’s financial records and facilitate billing, collections and payments.

Our virtual assistants help you focus more on your core medical functions, minimize medical billing denials, increase the efficiency of your billing processes, minimize costs, and ensure timely claims reimbursement.

Our Medical Virtual Assistants can also do certain marketing tasks including running email campaigns and promoting your practice through social media.

We also perform various clerical and administrative work including arranging meetings, presentations, and events, booking travel arrangements, updating email correspondences, conducting research, and more.

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