Last year I had the pleasure of meeting someone and they introduced me to the book, “The 40 Day Soul Fast, Your Journey to Authentic Living” by Cindy Trimm. I must admit when I first joined the group for this Soul Fast, I wasn’t really “ALL IN”. I wanted to start living authentically, however I found that I was not ready to answer a lot of the questions that were being asked in the book. I wasn’t ready to face who I was. On December 30, the group had their last conference call and everyone seemed to have some type of clarity as to who they were and felt as if they were living more authentically than before. I, on the other hand felt like I failed… I felt as if I was missed whatever the other members of the group had gained. As I listened to each one share their testimonies of how they completed the fast, I made up in my mind that I was going to start over on January 1st. What better time than the beginning of the year right?

I am now on day 9 and I can tell you that I have never felt better! I feel that this time around I am really engaged in the process. This time I purchased my own book and journal, before I went to the library and checked out the book and downloaded the app that I had only looked at the first time I downloaded it. I am finding that being authentic is the only way to be in life. Authenticity starts with being honest with yourself. No sugarcoating the truth…no beating around the bush…being 100% RAW! Let’s be honest, if you are not honest with yourself, how can you truly be honest to and with others?

I still have 31 days left on this fast and I can tell that by the end of this 40 day fast I will be a new person! Just from re-reading these 9 chapters and remembering bits and pieces of the chapters that I had read previously I have learned that I cannot tell people it is okay when it really isn’t. Being authentic does not mean that you should be rude and/or condescending to others, it just means that you need to be honest with them, even if it is going to hurt their feelings.

Being authentic in your personal life will carry over into your business as well. Your potential clients/customers will be able to see if you are trying to just make a dollar off of them or if you genuinely care about their well-being and giving them exactly what they need without the extra fluff. An authentic Business owner will not focus on padding his/her pockets. They will focus on ensuring that they help their client be a success!

Are you ready to be an AUTHENTIC? Here are a few authenticity quizzes that I found online to help you find out how authentic you are.

Authenticity Quotient by Cindy Trimm

Authentic Sales Man Authenticity Ratio

Here are some steps that can help you to become more authentic:

  1. Accept who you are! You are you and no one else can be you! You do not have to live up to anyone’s expectation of who they think you should be.
  2. Be YOU! Do not try to fit in with everyone. You do not have to dance to the beat of the same drum as everyone else. Do not be afraid to be who you are unapologetically! You are you and that is what is important! Keeping up with the Joneses has done nothing good for anyone!
  3. Take risk! Take the bulls by horns and do what you feel is right. If it turns out being wrong, well, accept responsibility for it and move on.
  4. Accept the uncomfortable feelings. They are your feelings and you should address them. If someone is invading your personal space and or commenting on your life and you do not want them to, tell them. Be direct and honest.
  5. Stick with people who pour into you. You do not want to be around people who bring you down. Be with people who feed your spirit and uplift you.

4 comments on “How authentic are you?

  1. roche

    Authenticity. A good point especially when we deal with people everyday. Thank you for a wonderful share of experience.

    1. ShonaB

      You’re welcome! Thank you for stopping by and reading! We must be authentic. Without authenticity, how can others truly trust that we are doing the best that we can for their business.

  2. Damaria Senne

    It sounds like a very interesting book. I’m on a journey to live a simple life, and joined an online forum of very supportive people ( and I’m finding that being authentic is a huge factor. We all define what we call simple living for ourselves, but when you want to pare down, keeping up with the Joneses is no longer an option. Neither is trying to impress. And I’m learning that you have to be comfortable to be you to live a simple life, because you’ll come across so much opposition from friends and family who maybe got used to certain things and they apply pressure on you to keep doing them. even when it no longer suits your new life or who you want to be.
    Anyhoo, I’m going to look up that book. Not immediately, because I’m already in another process, but it is in my future.

    1. ShonaB

      Thank you for stopping by my blog Damaria! I will be checking out the online forum you mentioned. I is my belief that if I stick to what I am doing that I will be much happier because I am living for me and not for anyone else!

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